Big news from the furry gang over here at MONSTERS Unlimited: We’ve launched a podcast! You can listen to Speaking Human, the official podcast of MONSTERS Unlimited, right now by visiting or you can subscribe to the Speaking Human podcast in the iTunes store.

So what kind of sweet ear candy will you get when you listen to Speaking Human? You get the Web’s only podcast devoted to the great wild world of marketing. Speaking Human is a frank and funny look at the latest marketing news – from viral videos and brand campaigns to social media and product launches.

How Speaking Human came roaring to life…

At MONSTERS, we feed on marketing. We regularly stomp around the water cooler, discussing and debating the latest branding, websites, commercials and technology. We found our banter to be so amazingly witty and clever that we felt compelled to share it with the world. Hence, Speaking Human was born.

We call the podcast Speaking Human because it’s about taking a human look at marketing. We don’t get too techie and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Speaking Human gives people a chance to get to know the personalities, creative minds and sense of humor behind the MONSTERS brand.

Why you should listen to Speaking Human…

Each episode of Speaking Human runs about 20 minutes (perfect for listening during a quick jog or on your car ride to work). We kick off each show by sharing our views on marketing topics in a segment we like to call “Mortal Marketing News.” Then we unleash the fury of our “Superhuman Review”, where we get down and dirty about some hot topic in the news.

So give Speaking Human a listen. It’s free, it’s fun, and it will make you smarter and better looking. Plus there’s far worse ways to spend your time (eating sardines and watching Two and a Half Men are a couple examples). You can listen to current and past episodes of Speaking Human at You can also find the Speaking Human podcast in the iTunes store.

If you like speaking human, you just might like Speaking Human.

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