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6 Best Pre-Game Ads of Super Bowl 50

6 Best Pre-Game Ads of Super Bowl 50

The week leading up to the Super Bowl has become almost as important to advertisers as the big game itself. Brands that drop $4.5 million for a 30-second spot are looking to get more from their investment by building buzz online ahead of game day. Along with the trend...
Could VR Be a Marketing Reality for Your Company in the Near Future?

Could VR Be a Marketing Reality for Your Company in the Near Future?

Virtual Reality Is the Next Big Thing. For any one who lived through the 1990s, this headline may seem like déjà vu. But that’s just what we’ve been hearing recently as virtual reality (or VR) has once again returned to the forefront of technology. Here’s a quick...
Episode 52: Pre-Game Super Bowl Advertising

Episode 52: Pre-Game Super Bowl Advertising

What’s in Episode 52? We tackle the big game to tell you which brands dominated the digital playing field when it came to building early buzz for their ads. Go deep and get ready to catch our picks for the best pre-game advertising of Super Bowl 50! Need some... read more
Episode 51: Periscope Marketing

Episode 51: Periscope Marketing

What’s in Episode 51? We peer into Periscope to give you a glimpse of the popular new social platform and explore the value of live streaming as a marketing tool. Open your ears and prepare your eyes because we’re going scoping! Need some reference material when... read more
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6 Best Pre-Game Ads of Super Bowl 50

The week leading up to the Super Bowl has become almost as important to advertisers as the big game itself. Brands that drop $4.5 million for a 30-second spot are looking to get more from their investment by building buzz online ahead of game day. Along with the trend... read more

The Most Awesome Marketing Efforts of 2015

Last year on our podcast, Speaking Human, we launched the inaugural Awesome Awards to honor the marketing efforts that grabbed our attention and stuck in our memories throughout the year. Now we’re back again to present our second annual Awesome Awards. How do... read more

Is This Divisive Holiday Commercial Good Marketing?

Recently, this holiday commercial from EDEKA, a German supermarket chain, created something of an email sensation in our MONSTER offices. Reactions to the ad ranged from teardrops to belly laughs to head scratches. It also sparked a ton of conversation—from why the ad... read more

Should Your Brand Abandon Black Friday?

A few years ago on our podcast, we discussed the way Black Friday was quickly growing and expanding like an alien blob swallowing everything in its path. This was around the time more stores decided to open their doors on Thanksgiving, creating the new term... read more

5 Greatest Movie Marketing Campaigns of Summer 2015

Like a high-stakes game of poker, the summer movie season is where studios place their biggest bets. Some of them pay off huge (Jurassic World) while others get called on their bluffs (Fantastic Four). Whether the hand itself (the movie) is good or bad, one of the... read more

10 Visual Stats on Social, Email and Mobile Marketing

In the business world, we love stats. It’s amazing how a simple number can tell a story, make a case, or open people’s eyes to a topic or trend far more effectively than words alone. That’s why we created MONSTER Infoblocks. These blocks include some... read more

Our 6 Favorite Lowes ‘Fix In Six’ Vine Videos

Vine is something of an underrated wild card in the social world. The social network, which allows users to create six-second videos, was acquired by Twitter a few years ago. While most people have heard of Vine, it still doesn’t have the user base of sites like... read more

Top 5 Greatest Video Ads of the YouTube Era

Advertising videos are a huge component of YouTube—with four of last year’s top ten most-watched videos being ads. In honor of the site’s strong ties with brands and its 10th anniversary, YouTube recently invited viewers to vote for their favorite ads from a list of... read more

3 Steps To Make Your Email Marketing More Personal

Email marketing isn’t new, groundbreaking territory. And personalizing an email marketing campaign is even less of a breakthrough. But you would be surprised at how many businesses don’t take advantage of this very common and easy-to-use marketing tactic.... read more

How To Effectively Track Your Online Advertising

Whether you’re searching for a giant forest-dwelling ape or trying to find the right message to connect with potential customers, effective tracking is essential to success. If there’s one thing we urge clients to consider when starting a marketing campaign,... read more

Is Facebook B2B Marketing Dead?

Over the past year, there’s been a lot of talk about the plummeting reach and engagement of Facebook brand pages. Which leads to the inevitable question: Is Facebook marketing dead? There’s No Death in Marketing, Only Evolution First off, nothing in marketing... read more

Best of the Bowl: Top Commercials of Super Bowl 2015

From kickoff to final whistle, this may have been the best Super Bowl in years. The game delivered a wildly unpredictable ending. The halftime show gave us dancing sharks. And we got a diverse lineup of commercials—not just brands trying to be funny and failing (like... read more

2014 Marketing Awesome Awards

On a recent podcast, we presented our first annual Awesome Awards. The purpose of these awards is to applaud some of the fun, strange, cool and unexpected marketing-related efforts from the past year. To give our winners an extra moment in the sun—and give you a... read more

Top 5 Marketing Podcasts of 2014

It was a big year for podcasting here at MONSTERS Unlimited. After a couple years of work, we stabilized the tone, format and recording schedule of our marketing podcast Speaking Human. As a result, the quality of the show improved, our listener base grew... read more

4 Bodacious Vine Videos From Top Brands

In a recent blog post, we talked about our first foray into creating Vine videos. That post explored the benefits and challenges of using Vine and provided a couple examples of our own first-time Vines. Today, we thought we’d provide some examples of engaging... read more

What We Learned From Creating Our First Vine Video

Here at MONSTERS, we love to try new things and get our creative juices flowing. One arena where we especially love to experiment: Social Media. Recently, we decided to try our furry monster hands at Vine. What is Vine? Vine is a video-sharing site owned by Twitter.... read more

An Example of Exceptional Product Packaging from a Yeti

To improve the audio quality of our acclaimed (by us) marketing podcast Speaking Human, MONSTERS invested in new high-quality microphones awhile back. Recently, we found the old product boxes and went to throw them away when something stopped our furry feet in their... read more

5 Best Summer Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2014

Here at MONSTERS Unlimited, we love the movies. Especially summer movies. When they’re good, summer movies are joyous escapism at its finest. Just a fun couple hours lost in pure imagination and a bucket of popcorn. And almost as interesting as the summer movies... read more

Transformers 4 and the Rise of International Marketing

In the early 1960s, Marshall McLuhan theorized that electronic technology was creating a “global village”. News and information would travel faster and farther, connecting us together on a global scale like never before. That’s never been more true than it is today.... read more

7 Tips for Better Small Business Google Search Success

In May, we held a Google Partner Event at the MONSTERS Unlimited offices in Akron, Ohio. During the event, experts from Google presented on a number of different SEO and Web marketing topics—providing practical tips and insights for businesses looking to expand their... read more

3 Awesome Lessons in Branding from ‘The LEGO Movie’

In February, The LEGO Movie hit theaters with a surprisingly big bang. Like a pair of LEGO blocks snapping together, the movie immediately connected with audiences to the tune of a $69-million opening weekend. By all accounts, the movie—which cost $60 million to make... read more

Go For The Gold When Developing Your Mobile App

Some big news rocked the den of MONSTERS Unlimited recently. We learned we won a Gold ADDY Award for our mobile application development work. We’re pretty proud of this awesome achievement, and we thought we’d use it as a springboard to discuss what goes into creating... read more

3 Strange Celebrity-Infused Ads From The Past Month

Here at MONSTERS, we’re enthralled by everyday marketing action. We love to see the new efforts organizations are making to grab our attention. That’s why we use the MONSTERS Facebook page as our unofficial marketing news feed—sharing with our 5,000-plus... read more

7 Best Brand Videos of 2013 (So Far)

Hard to believe but there’s more of 2013 in the dust than on the road ahead. It seems like only yesterday Ryan Seacrest was rockin’ us into the new year and now here we are knockin’ on August’s door. But unless you’re friends with a... read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Business Blog

In our first post How to Create a Simple and Effective Content Marketing Strategy, we outlined a strategy for using the “big three” (website, blog and social media) to drive your content marketing efforts. In our last post, we went over how your website should... read more

Do TV Commercials Still Make a Marketing Impact?

Commercials: In a world of DVR, do they still work? Do they still have the power to persuade, engage and awe us? As we see with the Super Bowl every year, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, when you add in the reach of online video and social media, commercials... read more

3 Things Your Organization’s Website Must Tell People

In our recent blog post How to Create a Simple and Effective Content Marketing Strategy, we outlined a strategy for using the “big three” (website, blog and social media) to drive your content marketing efforts. Today, we dig a little deeper on one of the big... read more

First Annual MONSTERS Super Bowl Commercial Awards

You gotta love Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the one day of the year when people actually look forward to watching commercials instead of fast-forwarding them. Super Bowl commercials have earned a prominent place in pop culture, turning couch dwellers everywhere into... read more

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