10 Best Fast Food Eats of All Time

During a recent podcast discussion of the best fast food menu items, a question arose: What constitutes fast food? The best answer we could come up with: a drive-thru. In order for a food item to be eligible for this list, you must be able to grab it in minutes without getting out of your car.

By this logic, places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Arby’s are all considered fast food. But a place like Five Guys where you have to go in and get your food (even if you can get it “to go”) isn’t. This distinction is critical and explains why every item on this list is not from Five Guys…

Top 10 Greatest Fast Food Menu Items in the Universe

You may think making a list of the best fast food menu items ever is highly subjective. You’re wrong. Here is the definitive list:

1. McDonald’s Big Mac

The best of the bad burgers. A classic go-to at America’s most prolific fast food joint.

McDonalds Big Mac

2. Arby’s Curly Fries

A unique unicorn in the world of fast-food french fries. Dip them in a side of cheese for added deliciousness.

Arbys Curly Fries

3. Arby’s Jamocha Shake

Is a shake really eligible for this list? We don’t know. But the Jamocha is enough of a standout that we don’t care.

4. McDonald’s Apple Pie

Hot and coated in a layer of sugar thick enough to preserve a caveman for centuries.

5. Burger King Croissan’wich

It’s all about the butter. This is the most deliciously warm and moist breakfast sandwich in the fast food world.

Burger King Croissan'wich

6. Burger King Chicken Sandwich

Simple, oblong and doused in what seems like buckets of mayonnaise.

7. McDonald’s Hash Brown

Another breakfast standout. This one with enough grease to eat through a paper bag in five minutes flat.

8. Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger

How do an average burger, rubbery bacon, a thick tomato, and overly large chunk of lettuce taste this good?

Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

9. Wendy’s Spicy Chicken

Just the right amount of spice. Also great dipped in ranch dressing.

10. McDonald’s Fries

Basic, salty, and only good for the three minutes before they stop being hot.

BONUS: McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

Sometimes it’s amazing. Sometimes it’s awful. But for whatever reason we’re drawn to it like a leprechaun to an artificially flavored pot of gold.

McDonalds Shamrock Shake


What fast food menu item are you outraged didn’t make this list? Angrily tweet @Speaking_Human with #BestFastFoodEats to let us know.