3 Strange Celebrity-Infused Ads Worth Watching

Speaking Human is all about marketing efforts from brands and we cover some of the most innovative, interesting or just plain bizarre things happening across the marketing universe and archive them here on the website for the world to see.

One trend that turns up from time-to-time is odd celebrity product promotions. These include commercials or videos featuring a niche celebrity doing something strange or promoting products completely unrelated to their personas.


Big Names Featured in Bizarre Brand Commercials

From the consuming cadence of Christopher Walken to the trippy team of Snoop Lion and Kate Upton, here are a few examples of brands taking celebrities to odd new places in an attempt to catch customer eyes:

Anchorman Gets Down with Dodge Durango

Ron Burgundy (AKA Will Ferrell) seems an odd choice to sell cars, but that didn’t stop Chrysler from snagging him hot on the heels of the release of the movie “Anchorman 2”. The car company ended up with 70 spots that may give you a chuckle—and may or may not make you want to buy a Durango.

Snoop Sings (and Smokes) for Hot Pockets

There are few commercials stranger (and more terrible) than this new one from Hot Pockets. You would think the combination of Snoop, supermodel Kate Upton and a flying Hot Pockets package would be can’t miss, but… wait, you would never think that. Why would anyone think that? Why did Hot Pockets do this to humanity? 

Walken Brings Intense Cool to Jack & Jones

Chris Walken has always been a unique actor. And he ratchets up the uniqueness in this set of commercials from Danish clothing company Jack & Jones. Unlike the ads mentioned above, this one actually makes a little more brand sense. It’s more thematic and a little less “hey, look, it’s someone famous!”

*Quick sidenote – We also posted that last bit of Walken branding news on our Twitter feed, which led us to connect with the truly amazing Twitter user below.

You gotta love the world of marketing. There’s always something strange and interesting going on. Each and every day, brands achieve smashing success and fall into miserable failures—all in the name of creating connections with customers. Any way you slice it, it’s a fascinating spectacle to behold.