4 Bodacious Vine Videos From Top Brands

In a recent article, we talked about our first foray into creating Vine videos. That post explored the benefits and challenges of using Vine and provided a couple examples of our own first-time Vines.

Today, we thought we’d provide some examples of engaging videos from seasoned Viners. These are tops brands doing great, creative work on Vine. Hopefully, they provide a little inspiration for your own Vine efforts.

Four Examples of Excellent Brand Vine Videos

In no particular order, here are some cool and colorful Vines created by brands that caught our monster eyeballs and made us grin:

1. Tide – Carrie Vine

Published around Halloween time, this video created by laundry detergent brand Tide is a clever and funny spoof of the movie “Carrie”. This, humans, is what Vine is all about. It’s fun and it sneaks a nice brand message in there too. [This Vine was removed and is no longer available.]

2. Oreo – #OreoTech & #Ollusions

At this point, we all know Oreo is fantastic at social media. Few brands do it better. Vine is no different. Oreo has a slew of great, fun, engaging Vine videos—to the point it was hard for us to choose just one. [This Vine was removed and is no longer available.]

3. Target – Summer Decisions

Target, which makes some pretty creative Vines, used the medium in a unique way with this one. Since you can click on a Vine video at any time to make it stop playing, they turned this Vine into an activity decision-maker. It’s colorful, showcases products and captures the spirit of the summer season.

4. Dunkin Donuts – Pumpkin Coffee

Dunkin Donuts gets the award for best Vine sound effects hands down. They regularly produce fun, simple Vines with standout sound effects that effectively spotlight their seasonal products. DD is one of the brands that really gets Vine.


What Do All These Videos Have In Common?

These Vine videos all share a few key attributes:

Concept – Even for a 6 second video, it all starts with a strong concept. Notice that all these videos have a clear premise and they tell a story.

Message – All of these videos incorporate branding and have a simple message. Even the Target Vine has a clear implied message: Target = summer products.

Fun – Vine is not a place for serious, somber videos. It’s a place to have fun and be creative. You want your Vines to be humorous, light-hearted and colorful.