A Gaming Device That Might Make You Panic

We’re big fans of watching companies try new things. Sometimes it leads to innovative products that catch on. Panic, Inc., a software and video game company based in Portland, Oregon is hoping this is true of Playdate—their first hardware product. The quirky little hand-cranked gaming device is interesting, mysterious, retro and arguably adorable.

What makes this product unique? A lot, actually. Forget the hand crank mechanism that allows you to interact with games. Forget the black and white screen in a world of high-resolution gadgets. What’s particularly interesting is the way in which users will get games for the device. Panic is releasing a season of games in a mystery box way (2 per week) for 12 consecutive weeks. That’s right! The Playdate will wirelessly download the newest games each week and owners won’t know what’s coming until they get it. This method of delivery is a delightful departure from the way people seek out and consume games today.

  • SOURCE: Play.Date
  • BRANDS: Panic, Inc.