Accusations of Disney Plagiarizing the Solo Movie Posters

Solo: A Star Wars Story, due out in May has recently come under fire from a french graphic designer who claims that Disney’s new poster series has blatantly plagiarized his work for Sony.

Hachim Bahous, an artist who designed a series of album covers for Sony Music France, posted on Facebook the album covers and posters from Disney’s new Star Wars film side-by-side. The resemblance is striking, given that the design method he used is a pretty common technique.

Whether or not there’s merit to the allegations, it points out some very real dangers in the design world. Some say that it is impossible to create something that hasn’t already been created, and in this case, it appears to prove the theory.

The real question is – were Disney’s “outside creatives” trying to smuggle these designs across the border or was this a legitimate coincidence?

Update: Disney has confirmed that they used an outside vendor for their creative on these posters and are looking into the allegations.

  • SOURCE: Gizmodo
  • BRAND: Disney / Sony
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you’re not the one being accused of plagiarism.

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