Advertising in Magazines – Is It Right for You?

Today we’re going to focus on just one media… magazines. If you’re a business looking to advertise, magazines offer high quality printing and generally provide a longer shelf life for your marketing dollar.

If doing it right, you’re already advertising in targeted magazines related to your industry. More times than not you’ll want to focus on the magazines that have readership closely matching the profile you’ve targeted. If you haven’t already done the research, keep in mind that every publication has a media kit which should give you that information.

Why is choosing magazines as the medium for your advertising dollars a good idea?

  1. Magazines Command Respect
    It’s a pretty simple concept. Advertising in the right publication can give your potential customers an enhanced perception of your brand. This type of brand lift can warrant the additional budget required.
  2. They Cost More But Can Deliver More
    While magazines have a tendency to cost more, the overall quality of advertising is better. They also have a longer shelf life than a newspaper. Readers usually revisit magazines several times, working their way through the articles they find of interest. People also tend to share magazines with family, friends and coworkers who have the same interests, increasing exposure to your brand.

One Key to Magazine Advertising Success

Do some research. Know who subscribes to the publication. If you know someone who buys the magazine you’re thinking of advertising in, ask them how long they keep an issue and how many times they look at it. This will give you a good idea if it’s right for your business.

Also, understand that there is a difference between magazines that are devoted to special interests and will likely be read by your target audience and those that have broad mass appeal. Generally, you’ll want to choose magazines that reach your customers – common sense, right?