Airbnb Has Already Planned Your Next Adventure

Traveling can bring the most rewarding experiences to one’s life, so why don’t more people drop what they’re doing and hop on a plane? According to A World of Travel, the top five reasons people don’t travel include cost, stressful planning, and not having a partner to travel with them. Airbnb saw these excuses as inspiration for their most adventurous endeavor yet.

The travel company expanded upon their homestay business model to create Airbnb Adventures. They put together over 200 different trips around the world ranging from $66-$5,000 a person. This feature involves more than just a place to stay; most of the trips offer food, a host who doubles as a guide, and a multitude of excursions.

Of course, you will need to take care of transportation—but Airbnb provides the rest. The site exclaims: “All you have to do is show up.” They give you a full itinerary, the number of meals provided, and number of nights you will stay. Some of the adventures range from Jungle Treking and Kayaking in Costa Rica to Rugged Forest Camping in Sweden. These adventures are designed to get people out of the typical “tourist” destinations, which are becoming overwhelmingly crowded.

Airbnb’s website and Instagram are covered with incredible pictures and videos of these adventures. The images give people visuals of what they could experience if they participate in one of these journeys. They also encourage adventurers to capture their own footage of the trips. As a promotion, Airbnb teamed up with GoPro to give anyone who books an adventure $200 off a GoPro Hero7 Adventure Kit.

Airbnb takes away almost all the stress of planning a trip, bundles the cost into one simple number, hooks you up with a group of travel companions, and provides the adventure of a lifetime with Airbnb Adventures—all you have to do is show up.

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