Amazon Invades School for Second Straight Year

If you thought it was over until Christmas, you were wrong. Amazon had a huge 2019 Prime Day and for the second year in a row aims to segue that success into a Back-To-School campaign with A+ deals.

The campaign, which launched the last of week of July via digital and TV spots, “showcas[ed] the basics Amazon has, but also the special items for kids to achieve their [back-to-school] resolutions Amazon can bring … that not all [other] retailers can,” said Claudine Cheever, global general manager of mass advertising at Amazon.

The campaign’s main ad was a 30-second spot that counted down to “Happy School Year”, showcasing a diverse range of kids and product deals including backpacks, attire, books and things that would never cross the mind (not kidding). Both Amazon product deals and outside product deals were highlighted in the promotion and the company used Prime Day’s live video feed to tease the future (now present) bargains.

Prime Day is still Amazon’s summer blockbuster (sold over 175 million products, up 75 million from last year), but a Back-to-School Campaign for the second consecutive year signals it, like Prime Day, is a big part of Amazon’s future strategy.

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AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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