And the Award for “Most Unique Vaccine Ad” Goes To…

Advertisements and PSA’s that encourage the public to get their COVID shot are nothing new. However, none of those ads have ever been quite like “Vax That Thang Up”. It’s safe to say we have never seen a parody-rap video that simultaneously advertises a dating site and vaccines.

What started as a long-shot idea that stemmed from a collaboration between the dating site BLK and marketing agency Majority quickly became an internet sensation. This ad pulled out all the stops, drafting the considerable talents of Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, and Mia X. Balancing comedy and a serious call-to-action message is no easy task. That being said—the song had us chuckling and tapping our toes the whole ride. So why not call up your friend Scott and “Vax That Thang Up”?

  • SOURCE: YouTube
  • BRAND: BLK, Majority

AUTHOR: Zach Dunphy
ORIGIN: University Program - Speaking Human Contributor

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