Apple Embraces Privacy and Trust of Its Users

In the age of social media and personalized ads, privacy has become hard to achieve. Apple shines a spotlight on this issue in their ad “Tracked”, visualizing one of our greatest fears about technology. The ad is a part of its privacy campaign, and follows one average Joe as he goes about his day. The catch is that at every stop along his way, Joe picks up followers like he’s walking through a spider web and soon finds himself pursued by countless people—all representing different sources that tracked his data. When he disables app tracking on his phone, each person disappears and he reclaims his privacy. The ad is extremely effective at reminding us of a problem we aren’t always cognizant of, and then showing a solution. The spot aims to build trust between the brand (Apple) and the consumer, by returning control to the user. Now if we could just rid ourselves of those pesky voices in our head, that would be something.

  • SOURCE: Apple Insider
  • BRAND: Apple

AUTHOR: Zach Dunphy
ORIGIN: University Program - Speaking Human Contributor

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