The Art of Makeup and the Cosplay

There is an art to creating the perfect costume. It is made up of creativity, ingenuity, and passion, with the final touch being the perfect makeup. Anyone who is serious about the craft knows there is more to it than catchy brand names and packaging. Serious cosplayers swear by certain brands and important rules when creating that ideal look.

Mythica von Griffyn and Kitty Krell are two experts in the field of cosplay and makeup. They share what’s important to them…

Mythica von Griffyn

Mythica von Griffyn, an author, bodypainter, chalk artist, and motivational speaker, is a valuable customer to impress. Mythica is well-known for being a contestant on season one of the TV series “Skin Wars”, and her resume speaks for itself.

At one moment the human body starts off as an empty canvas and then ends up as a work of art. In her line of work the products that she buys cannot fail. Her clients expect high quality and she in turn must expect the same from suppliers.

Bodypainting by Mythica von Griffyn

Bodypainting by Mythica von Griffyn. Photo courtesy of Tom Valdez, used with permission.

There are several brands that she buys because of what the company offers as well as what works for the task at hand. She looks for the availability of colors, and will only buy it online if there are no other options. Buying and supporting local is important to Mythica.

When it comes to shopping for makeup, Mythica has two levels of searching. The first level is shopping for her own personal appearance needs. Level two is for her business. No matter what the reason, this talented artist needs to be choosey. Mythica knows what each brand is and how it performs. She knows where it is available and who will personally profit from her purchasing the products.

Loyalty is important and when it comes to needing that personal connection, she says she is no different from anyone else. She pays attention to which vendors might have the greater need or deserve her business. She will almost always buy from people with whom she has an immediate connection. Repeat business from someone like Mythica can make all the difference.

Kitty Krell

Like many in the world of geek, business owner and stunning cosplayer Kitty Krell needs to be particular when she shops for makeup. The owner of Crimson Rose Corsetry and Couture knows that cosmetics play a very important role in polishing off that beautiful cosplay.

When she puts on her costumes she is not just having fun; she is the face of her company and makeup is important. According to Krell, her makeup comes from all over the spectrum. Some of her collection has been given to her, while much of it has been purchased.

Cosplayer Kitty Krell

Cosplayer Kitty Krell. Photo courtesy of Anne Barhyte – Photographer Of Life LLC, used with permission.

Pretty packaging definitely doesn’t hurt, but if it does not have the quality Krell will not buy it. She looks for products that have good pigmentation and staying power. It is not an exact science.

When working on herself or someone else, she will do a makeup test. And it often turns out differently. In many instances, it is not a big deal. Yet when it comes to creating film and television characters, the makeup can be far more tricky.

So much goes into creating the art of a cosplay, and Mythica, Kitty and other cosplayers are an important market to reach out to.

AUTHOR: Colleen Bement
ORIGIN: Denver Nerd Alert News

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