AT&T Shows the Perils of ‘Just OK’ in Witty Campaign

“OK” is a popular word. It’s an easy reply to a command or question and, more often than not, it is the perfect answer. However, there are situations where just “OK” is not okay. In a recent campaign, AT&T demonstrated such circumstances with comedic results.

During the 2018 College Football Playoffs, AT&T launched a campaign declaring they were America’s Best Network according to GWS. The campaign asserted that no one would settle for “just OK” when choosing a wireless provider—just as no one would settle for “just OK” when picking a doctor. In a series of TV spots and online ads, the integrated campaign used dry wit to send its message. For short, situational comedy like these ads, a deadpan, quiet sense of humor was the best route. Belly laughs and over-the-top gags grow stale quickly. Yet, a chuckle lasts.

Such was the case with the “OK” surgeon ad. When the patient asked about his doctor’s capabilities, the nurse shrugged, “He’s ok.” When the recently reinstated doctor appeared, we realized he was anything but! The trick was also used with a tattoo artist, sushi chef, babysitter and mechanic. The sharp dialogue was perfectly delivered with straight faced, low-key, but demonstrative body language from the actors and the final voice over (by Lena Waithe) drove them home. Not only were we laughing, but we were also listening.

The campaign included a Hispanic promotion and unveiled new ads specifically for March Madness. AT&T’s “Just OK is not OK” debuted on the heels of its 2018 “More for Your Thing” and provides something to build on for a long-running piece.

  • SOURCE: AT&T YouTube
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: It’ll make you think twice when someone answers “OK”

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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