Barbie Wants to Support Girls & Their Dreams

Barbie, the fashion doll brand that launched all the way back in 1959, is looking to make a positive impact in the modern world.

The Dream Gap Project is a global campaign that wants to “give girls the resources and support they need to continue to believe that they can be anything.” The promo video for the campaign highlights some miserable statistics, including “girls are 3X less likely to be given a science-related toy than boys” and parents are 2X more likely to ask Google if their son is gifted rather than if their daughter is gifted. While many of the words spoken in the spot were clearly written by adults, the video was exceptional because it was voiced by some very strong and empowered little girls—those same little souls who need adults to change the way society views them.

Barbie believes that change can happen by “funding research, highlighting positive role models, and producing inspiring content and products.” It’s another in a long line of consumer brands, who are picking up and attempting to carry the proverbial torch in the human race’s slow-but-steady fight to be better [humans].

What did you think of this campaign by Barbie and Mattel? 

  • SOURCE: The Dream Gap
  • BRANDS: Barbie / Mattel, Inc. / The Dream Gap
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you want to see little girls grow up to be anything they want!

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