Bitmoji Teams Up with Nike & Adidas for World Cup

People all around the world love soccer—or football to our friends abroad. As teams take to the pitch to battle for the ultimate title, brands in every corner of the globe will attempt to capitalize on that love.

Enter Bitmoji, also known as Your Personal Emoji, who isn’t a stranger to sponsored/branded promotions within its personalized emoji ecosystem. Scroll through the choices of outfits and gear within the app and you’ll find yourself inundated with selections from Adidas, Nike, Hollister, MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and more. It only makes sense that Bitmoji would continue to monetize their platform by promoting Nike and Adidas kits for the World Cup.

What do you think of this type of personalization through “branded products” within apps like Bitmoji?

  • SOURCE: Bitmoji Twitter
  • BRANDS: Bitmoji / Adidas / Nike
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: You love soccer (in America) and football (everywhere else).

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