Chipotle Shakes Up Its Menu

Finally! Chipotle is getting… Milkshakes? Fans of the Mexican grill have been asking for new items to be added to the menu for years. No one expected the company to start dishing out milkshakes.

The fast food chain was losing business after their E Coli scare in 2015. They needed something to excite the public other than their typical burritos. In walked Brian Niccol. Niccol is responsible for reviving Taco Bell when the company hit a low in 2015. Now, he is set on doing the same for Chipotle as their new CEO.

He explains,“If you rewind on this business over the last three to four years, the company just went quiet and defensive. The brand just became invisible. And we are working to make it more visible.” Although it strays from Chipotle’s usual “healthy” options, a milkshake could be the perfect addition to suck in new customers.

Chipotle has been testing out potential menu items at their test kitchen in NYC since June of 2018. The Next Kitchen is Chipotle’s menu exploration restaurant, where they can test new items with actual customers. Some of those items are finally making their way into stores nationwide such as the quesadilla. The milkshake is still being tested, but hopefully we will see it integrated into menus soon because it sounds delicious.

The shake is inspired by Mexican cocoa. It combines sweet and spicy with a chocolate base and hints of cinnamon and cayenne. Reporters at Buzzfeed ventured to NYC to test it out. Their review sounds very promising: “We tried the chocolate milkshake. It was so good (and THICC) and 10/10 we’d order another.” Let’s hope it is just as good and “thicc” as they make it out to be.

A milkshake would be perfect for the summer. I’m predicting that is when they will release it, if they release it at all. Fingers crossed. Whether the milkshake is good or bad, it will definitely get people in Chipotle lining up to try it.

  • SOURCE: The New York Times
  • BRANDS: Chipotle
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because just thinking about a burrito & a choco shake makes life better

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