Coca-Cola Pours Positivity into the World

Coca-Cola has replaced its iconic logo with messages of hopeful resolutions for 2021. The effort is a part of their “Open to Better” marketing campaign that asks people make a pledge steeped in positivity.

Usually, removing a logo from your packaging is ill-advised. Taking away your product’s visual identity could create confusion for your customers. Coca-Cola’s logo and packaging (i.e. color) is so engrained in our collective consciousness that it will make little, if any difference, especially in the short-term.

Bryony Lester, Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain, said: “For more than 136 years, Coca-Cola has used its voice to help unite people across the world. We have launched the ‘Open’ platform, a campaign highlighting how the world has changed and to appreciate what perhaps was previously taken for granted. In 2021, our ambition is to be ‘Open To Better’ and use the power of our packaging to share resolutions of hope and positivity that we hope fans will enjoy sharing with their friends and family.”

  • SOURCE: Coca-Cola UK
  • BRAND: Coca-Cola