3 Things Your Organization’s Website Must Tell People

In our recent blog post How to Create a Simple and Effective Content Marketing Strategy, we outlined a strategy for using the “big three” (website, blog and social media) to drive your content marketing efforts. Today, we dig a little deeper on one of the big three—your website. We’ll explain how to develop content for your website that serves as the anchor for ALL your online content marketing.

As you may recall, in our last post we called your website “the eyes of your online face”. Your website is the window into the soul of your organization—telling people who you are and what you’re all about. Here’s how to make your website accurately reflect the soul of your organization.

3 Essentials of Your Website Content

No matter what your organization does (business or nonprofit), what industry you work in or what audience you’re trying to reach, there are three essential things every organization’s website should tell people. Here they are:

1. Who you are (About)

Why’d you get into this business? Where are you located? What are your goals? Do you have a strong mission and vision? These things help to establish your brand so that people will remember your company. Don’t overload people, but give them enough info about your organization that it stands out.

2. What you do (Products/Services)

It’s imperative to let people know what you offer. Tell us about your products or services—what they are, why they are beneficial, how we can get them. This is the centerpiece of your organization, the meaning of your existence, so make sure these are laid out in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

3. Why you are different/better (Advantages)

All your website copy should address in a specific and resonating way why your organization is different or better than the competition. Why should people choose your organization? Why do they want your products or services? What value can you provide that people can’t get anywhere else? Make sure this is highlighted throughout your website, maybe even given it’s own page.

How Your Website Relates to Content Marketing

You’re probably wondering how your website content (which is mostly static beyond the regular updates and polish you should give it) relates to your content marketing (which should be active). The answer is your website content is the heart of all your content marketing. The topics discussed on your website—particularly your products and services—should drive the content of your blog and social media posts.

For Example: At MONSTERS, we provide marketing services for companies—from branding and mobile apps to websites and social media management. So what do we provide on our blog and social media pages? Information pertaining to these topics—marketing news, insights, tips and suggestions. Why? Because our target customers may be looking for information on these topics. By finding our content, they may become aware of our company and the services we offer. That’s the ultimate goal of content marketing.

Tips to Make Your Website Content Easily Digestible

  • Limit paragraphs to 3-5 sentences
  • Use headings and subheadings throughout
  • Use bullet points to list and call out ideas
  • Take it easy on the commas (stick to simple sentences that express one thought)

FINAL TIP: Don’t overload your website with content. Remember, your blog and social media pages provide great places to post content that doesn’t quite “fit” on your website.