Cottonelle Tells Vacationers to Take It Easy Down There

Cottonelle is soaking up more than the sun with their DownThereCare campaign. The Kimberly-Clark company is rolling out ads to remind consumers to keep their behinds in mind—especially while on vacation.

There are some key factors that go along with advertising toiletries and companies like Cottonelle get creative with them—often using humor, allusions and fuzzy characters to draw obvious implications. Since businesses can’t technically demonstrate exactly how to use toilet paper in their commercials, they have to use common bathroom metaphors.

Cottonelle’s “Down There Care: Vacation” commercial promotes their rippled toilet paper and flushable wipes. Aimed towards women going on summer vacation, the ad alludes to the feeling of wiping “down there” to a cactus and a balloon. Obviously, using Cottonelle’s toilet paper and flushable wipes solves the problem and leaves you “feeling as invigorated as the ocean breeze on your bare bottom.”

These innuendos, however, push the limits for some consumers who deem them inappropriate. The company had to disable comments on one of their ads for the campaign because of the negative reactions. There’s also a petition online prompting people to boycott Cottonelle due to these suggestive ads.

Whether you like their DownThereCare campaign or not, everyone needs toilet paper. Cottonelle is just using humor to sell it to you. Question is, will it drive you to buy their crappy products?

  • BRANDS: Cottonelle
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: You enjoy innuendos and the sight of toilet paper wiping sand off a peach

AUTHOR: Meghan Mormino
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