Going Bananas at Dave & Buster’s

Take a look at any movie starring Tom Cruise, and you’ll realize that it can be difficult to discern the size of an object in pictures. That is why we need a banana for scale. Users across the world have begun using the king of potassium to give spacial context to objects in their pictures. This new craze gave Dave & Buster’s the perfect idea to demonstrate the size of their new 40ft TV.

We all understand that 40ft is big, but we may not fully grasp the size until we see the banana. Dave & Buster’s ‘Banana for Scale’ is, you guessed it, a 40ft banana sitting outside of the arcade. Physical promotions such as this are an effective method to drum up some buzz (oh wait…). It has the additional advantage of encouraging any passerby to stop in and figure out why on earth there is a gargantuan banana on their sidewalk. Let’s be honest, it would be pretty hard to ignore that Donkey Kong-sized fruit.

  • SOURCE: Promo Marketing
  • BRAND: Dave & Buster’s

AUTHOR: Zach Dunphy
ORIGIN: University Program - Speaking Human Contributor

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