Bats, Soldiers, and Gods, Oh My! DC Fandome 2021

The culture of film marketing has changed over the course of the 21st century. Once upon a time, trailers would be viewed only in theaters or in-between commercials. However, in recent years these teasers have become an event of their own. Fans often clamor and count the days until they can catch a glimpse of an upcoming movie. DC has found a way to focus all of this excitement into a single event— DC Fandome.

Starting in 2020, DC Fandome showcases trailers and behind-the-scenes clips for diehard fans. This year’s Fandome consisted of teasers for Peacemaker, The Batman, Black Adam and many more over the seven hour livestream. Films like The Batman are destined to break the box office due to their iconic characters, so an event like this utilizes that fame and allows lesser known characters in their catalogue to be showcased to a larger audience. It also has the potential to turn existing fans into loyalists by drawing them deeper into their library of content. Considering the millions of fans who have come to love DC Fandome, we will likely be seeing it thrive well into the future.

  • SOURCE: Complex
  • BRAND: DC Comics

AUTHOR: Zach Dunphy
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