Disney Pounces on 2018 with Infinitely Incredible Movie Success

It’s hard to talk about the most successful brands of 2018 without throwing a pair of mouse ears into the ring. While one might argue every year is a good year for a brand that owns everything from parks and resorts to ESPN to a massive library of beloved intellectual property, at least on the film side of things 2018 was an exceptionally spectacular year for Disney.

Like a baseball player having an all-star season, one just needs to look at the stats to get a sense of how truly great this stretch was…

  • Disney lays claim to the top 3 biggest domestic moneymakers of the year (Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and The Incredibles 2)—and they were all HUGE hits
  • The three movies above combined to make nearly $2 billion at the U.S. box office and $4.645 billion globally (!!!)
  • The company also had more modest hits with Ant-Man and the Wasp ($622 worldwide), Ralph Breaks the Internet ($285 worldwide and counting), and even the disappointing (in Star Wars terms) Solo made $392 million worldwide
  • With its 2018 take, Disney is only the second studio in history to surpass the $7 billion mark globally (with the other one being Disney in 2016)
  • With Mary Poppins Returns still to come from the brand, it’s possible Disney could break its own industry record of grossing $7.6 billion in a single year

It’s also possible Disney’s 2018 could get a little sweeter when Oscar nominations are announced on January 22, 2019. Despite all the brand’s success, the one thing that continues to elude Disney is a Best Picture Academy Award winner. Could Black Panther somehow swoop in and change all that? It is entirely possible.

Another positive on the horizon for Disney is the absolute murderer’s row of blockbusters they already have lined up for 2019—which includes Toy Story 4, Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, Frozen 2, live-action versions of Dumbo and The Lion King, and (the x-wing on top) Star Wars: Episode IX. Chances are very good that Disney won’t just repeat their stellar year in 2019, they’ll freakin’ blow it away!

  • SOURCE: Box office mojo
  • BRANDS: disney, black panther, avengers, incredibles, so many more…
  • WHY it’s one of the best brands of 2018: because, in some way, disney owns everything you love