DoorDash Is Determined to Help Restaurants Re-Open

Since the pandemic, DoorDash has remained committed to its customers. Unfortunately, a big part of the company’s efforts are under threat because the restaurant industry has shown a loss of approximately $120 billion due to COVID-19. To remind people how important restaurants are, DoorDash released “Without Restaurants,” where actors discussed how restaurants helped their careers. The ad chose a comedic angle, specifically self-deprecation on the actors’ parts, striking a relatable chord without diminishing the message.

As part of the promotion, DoorDash also debuted the #GotMyStartChallenge for people to share how restaurants impacted their lives. It’s a worthy endeavor because a world without restaurants is more than boring and lonely—it hurts.

  • SOURCE: DoorDash
  • BRAND: DoorDash
  • WHY I LOVED IT: #GotMyStartChallenge / My first job was at a pizza place and I can still toss that pizza dough.

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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