Drive-in Movie Theaters are Positioned for a Comeback

If you asked someone last year, they would probably disagree with you if you told them that drive-in movie theaters would have the opportunity to thrive in 2020 and beyond. The venues have dwindled over the years, going from over 4,000 drive-ins in 1958 to a little over 300 today.

But the COVID-19 crisis and the need for social distancing has created somewhat of an opportunity bubble for the once booming industry. A number of media outlets have reported on the hopeful outlook that owners have for the venues. Indoor movie theaters have a hard time coping with social distancing, as they rely on packing as many people as possible into seats within coughing distance of each other. Drive-ins have the benefit of providing a social isolation experience, while providing a way for people to get out of the house. What was recently looked at as a weak industry, might just be what the doctor ordered.

  • SOURCE: Washington Post / CBS / Boston Globe / UDITOA
  • BRAND: Drive-in Movie Theaters
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Because you need at least a car length distance between yourself and the person next to you.

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