Visual Tips To Level Up Your Email Marketing

This article comes courtesy of our friends at Salesforce.

If you’re crafting a white paper or a blog post, you probably spend a lot of time thinking through what you’re going to say. You may have an in-company process for review, for example, to make sure that any words you commit get vetted by all the proper departments.

But what about email? Do you do the same thing with email? If you’re not crafting, thinking about, and analyzing your email processes, you could be making a huge mistake with this essential marketing element.

Emails live and die by a couple of key factors. One, of course, is the subject line: Ignore that and people will ignore your email (or even worse—trash it without looking at it). Two, not everyone signs up for your email program for the same reason. That means if you’re not keeping track of their interests and using it to segment your emails, you’re in danger of losing them. 

Want to improve your email marketing? Look to the graphic below for help. You can also check out the full Salesforce post for more info on these email marketing best practices.