Entertainment Weekly Goes … Monthly?

In June, Meredith Corporation announced a “reimagining” of Entertainment Weekly as a monthly magazine. The change started in August with an issue covering Comic-Con, which included more robust coverage of the event. At the time, EW said it would continue to publish special issues for big moments, all the while pumping up its 24/7 digital, social and video platforms to satisfy its millions of consumers. “With the transition to a new monthly frequency, readers can expect more of what they love: more access, more memorable features, more in-depth conversation about Hollywood and its brightest talent,” said Deputy Editor JD Heyman. In short, EW’s marketing strategy is best summed up as: less is more.

  • SOURCE: Meredith Corporation
  • BRAND: Entertainment Weekly
  • STUPID QUESTION: Shouldn’t the name be Entertainment Monthly?

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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