Eco-Friendly Facedrive Acquires HiRide and Then Gets Social

If you didn’t know already, impact investments provide capital to address social and/or environmental issues. One company that is driving impact investing and has been in the spotlight lately is Facedrive. Facedrive is a ride-sharing company that puts “people-and-planet first” and is committed to doing business fairly, equitably and sustainably. It is firmly dedicated to providing seamless customer service, offsetting CO2 by planting trees, and giving riders a choice between electric, hybrid and conventional vehicles.

We know what you’re thinking, and Facedrive hasn’t let the current crossroads-of-life stop its acceleration. The company understands the need for adaptation in today’s stay-at-home crisis. That’s why it acquired HiRide, the first-of-its-kind long-distance social carpooling app and then launched a new product extension called HiRide Social. According to their press release, the central focus of HiRide Social is to drive young people to stay home amid COVID-19, while also encouraging people to build connections and combat loneliness. Inspired by Netflix’s “Love is Blind”, HiRide Social members are paired virtually with one another based on a set of individual preferences. Members are then put into a chatroom with an option of a virtual voice chat experience. Subject to mutual consent, members then activate phase 2 which includes options to continue voice chatting, change to video chatting, or end chat.

CEO of HiRide, Akshat Soni acknowledged, “These are challenging circumstances for everyone, and we want to help connect more people from the comfort and safety of their home. Our company has always been about driving social interaction, and this is another opportunity to do just that.”

One thing is certain—once people are ready to get back on the road and into cars with others, Facedrive will have a headstart on delivering a more promising future for sustainable and socially responsible ride-sharing.

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