Even More Tips For Effective Email Marketing (The Sequel!)

In 2011, the typical corporate user sent and received about 105 email messages per day.
66% of people under age 30 use their smartphone or cell phone to access email.

Email marketing remains a vital and relevant means of reaching out to consumers. But you have to do it right. In a recent post, MONSTERS looked at some practical and effective tips for improving your email marketing efforts. The post proved wildly popular. So – like a movie studio with a summer blockbuster on its hands – we decided to release a sequel. Unlike movie sequels though, this one might just be as good as the original.

Ten tactics for better email marketing

Grab your bucket of popcorn and get ready to enhance your email marketing efforts with these valuable tips…

  1. Make your “From” Address relevant and recognizable and to the recipient.
  2. Keep your Subject Line short (ideally, between 45-55 characters).
  3. Use Deadlines in your subject line to impart urgency and help increase open rates.
  4. Include salutation and content Personalization when it’s applicable.
  5. First Sentence – If your email could only be one sentence, what would it say? That’s your first sentence.
  6. Never require recipients to click through to a Web page to get the content of your message. Because they won’t.
  7. Use an Actual Person’s Signature at the end for a more personal approach.
  8. Test Hyperlinks before sending emails!!
  9. Never, ever use reverse type (white text on dark backgrounds).
  10. To prevent filtering, Use <alt> Tags (HTML tags that provide alternative text when non-textual elements, typically images, cannot be displayed) and intersperse images with text.

Follow these tips to send more effective emails to consumers and get a better response from recipients.

Want to see Effective Email Marketing Tips become a trilogy? Comment below with your best tips for better email marketing, and we may use it in a future post on this popular topic.