Facebook Advertising and Targeting

Everybody’s talking about Facebook. If you haven’t heard of it…you’ve been living under a rock. But what we want to discuss today is Facebook and how you can utilize the world’s most popular social network to advertise and generate sales for your business.

The beauty of Facebook isn’t how many friends you have or your high score in Farmville. It’s the targeted advertising that is made available to businesses – and the ability to hone in on a specific audience. To be clear – Facebook doesn’t divulge their users’ information, so you will have to do your homework. Know the profile of your primary demographic, including their likes, interests, and with just a few details about your customer you can start to build an effective advertising campaign that has the potential to reach nearly 610 million users globally (your mileage may vary based on your creative, its effectiveness, and the size of your budget).

So why use Facebook ads over traditional publications or online banner ads? Because Facebook “Social Ads” pair an advertiser’s message (your message) with social actions taken by the user, such as liking a Page. This feature, coupled with the right targeted audience causes your ads to be more effective and dare we say, more apt to go viral.