Farmers Harvests the Undead for Life Insurance Campaign

So much of Halloween revolves around our fascination with death. What if the dead returned as ghosts and skeletons? What if death comes seeking us in the form of monsters or slashers? What if humans could live on after death as vampires or zombies? Since death is already top of mind this time of year, Farmers Insurance figured the time was right to tackle the topic dead-on in its marketing.

With a new campaign featuring the tagline “rest in peace of mind”, Farmers is encouraging people to think about the scary topic of their own demise in order to “live your best afterlife”. In a series of lighthearted ads, a vampire, a zombie and a mummy speak directly to viewers about the prospect of mortality and why Halloween is a great time to talk to Farmers about your life insurance options. Oh yeah, these undead ghouls are also getting some much-needed exercise.

While most Halloween marketing dances around the topic of death, give Farmers credit for bringing this frightening inevitability front and center—without forgetting about the freaky fun the spooky season offers.

  • SOURCE: Farmers Insurance YouTube Page
  • BRANDS: Farmers Insurance
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because when ghouls speak, you listen.

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