Gatorade Versus Water

Gatorade recently had to pay $300,000 in a settlement for what some claim was an anti-water video game. In the game that was downloaded over 30,000 times in California and 2.3 million times worldwide, Gatorade asked players to refuel the Olympic runner Usain Bolt by giving him the popular sports drink. But when players opted to use water instead, the performance of Bolt in the game was hindered.

Some could argue that water is Gatorade’s natural competitor in the marketplace. So what’s wrong with disparaging one of Earth’s five elements? Nothing, unless you do it in California. According to Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the settlement should serve as a warning to companies that falsely advertise and make misleading statements.

  • SOURCE: San Francisco Chronicle
  • AUTHOR: Benny Evangelista
  • BRAND: Gatorade

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