Geico Uses Laughs to Advertise its Boring Brand

Insurance is boring. It’s something we don’t want to deal with unless we have to and when that happens it is more stressful than comforting. So, if you’re an insurance brand, how do you advertise yourself without making people snore or worry? Laughter.

In 1994, Geico teamed up with the Martin Agency for a new way of advertising. Insurance was a serious topic. People didn’t think about it and didn’t want to think about it. So Geico made people see insurance in a new light. They asked consumers to view it as a product, where price and ease were key. It was a genius move, becoming perfect fodder for comedy ads that have lasted 25 years.

Recently, partnering with NCAA’s March Madness, Geico retooled their “Believe It” tagline with new spots—which included basketball seats, lobsters and a barbershop quartet. Each ad doesn’t try to be too much. They don’t use sly, biting dialogue, nor do they go for knee-slappers. Instead, they use quick, obnoxious sight gags that make you chuckle. They don’t overstay their welcome, which is their real beauty because when they re-appear, they’re so quick, we’re not annoyed, but amused and with Geico clear in its message, the point isn’t lost either.

In celebration of its 25 years of ads, Geico kicked off the New Year by asking consumers to vote for their favorite ad. Such classics as the Gecko (still kicking), The Caveman, “Weeing” Piggy and Hump Day got airtime. No matter which won, the promotion was a reminder that after 25 years, Geico is still making reliably goofy ads.

  • SOURCE: The Best of Geico
  • BRANDS: Geico
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Who wouldn’t want to take a hot tub with a lobster or play a pick-up game with a barbershop quartet? 

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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