Give Your Business a Shot of Adrenaline for The New Year

Pulp Fiction. You remember the scene. John Travolta holds an six-inch needle over his head, preparing to plunge it into Uma Thurman’s heart. There’s a pause. A building of courage. The needle drips adrenaline. Then — BAM! The needle thrusts downward. Uma screams back to life, blood rushing with renewed energy.

It’s a classic movie moment. And a great metaphor for what you need to do for your business in the new year: Take action – bold action – to inject new life into your marketing and branding efforts. There’s no better month to do it. Time and momentum are momentarily on your side. The possibilities for building or expanding your business are endless.

Here are a few steps you can take to give your organization a mighty roar in the new year:

Evolve Your Brand

When’s the last time you evaluated your brand? Does it still pack a punch? Does it accurately reflect your products or services, and the benefits they provide? Businesses change. Your focus changes. Make sure your brand remains consistently strong, speaking to the needs and wants of your target audience. Even the biggest and best businesses and brands occasionally need to blow the dust off and do a little polishing. Don’t be afraid to make some tweaks and changes to push your brand into the future.

Revamp Your Website

In the world of the Web, things move very fast. Trends come, trends go. The way people interact with websites evolves. The bar for business websites has been raised. Expectations are high. What looked new, fresh and powerful three years ago, may look dated and limited now. Is your website easy to navigate? Or is it an endless stream of pages that users can get lost in like a black hole? Is the copy simple and straightforward? Or is it overly wordy? Does your site look like your business now or your business years ago? If your website doesn’t reflect your organization as it exists right now, it’s time for an update.

Prioritize Social Media

As we move into 2012, hopefully the question of “Is social media valuable for businesses?” has finally been put to rest. We know it has value (at the very least it’s an SEO necessity for businesses), but the level of that value is dependent on the type of business and how well the organization uses it. For the new year, set social media goals for your business and map out a strategy for achieving them. Real, quantifiable goals. Whether it’s gaining 100 new customers or increasing traffic to your blog by 50% – find a way to make it happen. Don’t make social media a side note; put it in the spotlight and work to make it deliver results.

Mobile-Ize Your Customers

Look around. Mobile devices are everywhere now. Faces staring at tiny glowing screens for gaming, banking, shopping, socializing, working and everything else under the sun. If your organization is not on the mobile train yet, it’s time to jump on board. Customers are almost expecting a useful mobile application from businesses now, and you need to deliver. So brainstorm. What could your customers use on the go? What aspects of your business do they want at their fingertips? Put those features together in an easy-to-use package. If you’re selling any kind of product, you should be mobile two years ago. Get to work.

The new year means new opportunities, new innovations and new ways to increase your customer base and grow your business. Make 2012 a milestone for your organization. Be intelligent, strategic and fearless with your marketing strategy. Set goals for enhanced results. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t wait until you’re behind the marketing curve, take some chances to jump ahead of the competition. Greatness in business is achieved by vision, imagination and audacity. Go bold in 2012.

Happy New Year from MONSTERS Unlimited!