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Capturing moments in pictures and videos is a part of our everyday lives. People share their experiences with the world, and retain their memories through these images. It’s amazing what we get to see every day. Scrolling through Instagram, you could be in London one second and Guatemala the next. Of course, if you want to see the most incredible adventures and people doing extraordinary things, follow GoPro on Instagram.

GoPro’s Instagram is an inspiration—in life and in social media. Their compact, high-quality and versatile camera allows anyone to take stunning shots of wild adventures or simple scenes. The company creates a sense of community and lets their cameras speak for themselves by using their customer’s impressive shots for social media.

Every day GoPro posts a “photo of the day” to their Instagram account. They tag the person who took it, where it’s from, and what GoPro they used. The photos range from kids underwater in a swimming pool to people kayaking down 100-foot+ waterfalls. Every snapshot is a reminder of the fascinating world and people surrounding us.

GoPro not only posts consumer’s pictures to their Instagram (which has 15.6 million followers), they also give awards to people with the best content. The GoPro Awards web page encourage people to, “Capture your interests, your passions, your life… with a GoPro. Submit your best photos, raw clips and video edits… We’ll be granting cash awards for our favorites…” The company also previously had the HERO7 Black Million Dollar Challenge, where the business gave away $1,000,000 to their favorite raw videos shot with its HERO7 Black camera.

It’s no wonder why GoPro and their incentives prompt fans to create loads of captivating content. The brand continues to inspire people to explore and use its cameras to record every minute of their explorations—and their Instagram provides the perfect platform to share these moments with the world.

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