Grown-Ups Finally Shut Down Toys ‘R’ Us Brand

This just in—the world is owned by grown-ups and they’re tired of delivering fun and happiness to children without seeing something in return.

In case you haven’t heard already, the Toys ‘R’ Us brand has officially closed up shop. After sixty-plus years of selling children’s toys, the massive retailer closed its doors for the last time. After a complicated and messy financial downfall, the brand tried to remain open, but the cards were stacked against it.

It’s a sad story that seems to be everywhere. Adults who grew up with the brand will likely be psychologically scarred from this closing. It’s one thing to see a favorite clothing store shut down, its something entirely different to watch a place that brought happiness to children be eliminated from existence.

* This newsworthy BUZZ has obviously affected us and we’re clearly biased. Please don’t be angry with us as we’re sensitive and emotionally compromised. Please send animated giraffes and condolences to our Frown Upside Down email so we can continue to operate normally.

  • SOURCE: New York Times
  • BRANDS: Toys ‘R’ Us
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: You won’t, because like us, you wanted to be a Toys ‘R’ Us kid. Now you need a hug because it doesn’t feel like the world can keep spinning after this horrific and senseless act of violence against toys.

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