Heinz Marketing Promises Mayochup

We know that it seems impossible. We know that when you heard the news that you might think we were trying to play a late April Fools joke on you. But it’s true… Heinz is releasing Mayochup in the United States. After a grueling campaign on Twitter (not really – it only lasted a week or so), Heinz succeeded in getting enough votes to fulfill its promise of releasing their Mayochup product in the U.S.

For some, the sheer excitement might be too much. But for others, there might be a lingering question. What is Mayochup? If you haven’t tried combining mayonnaise and ketchup, we can’t help you. But rest easy as you won’t have to do this complex task on your own. You’ll be able to get this delectable condiment in your local grocery store.

Now the obvious question is whether you love or hate the Mayochup name? It’s definitely a divisive question and many humans are dead set against the name. Heinz recognized the discontent and has challenged Twitter users to come up with a better name. In a tweet, Heinz Ketchup wrote “We heard you saucy Americans and we’re bringing you our version of the delicious duo you’ve been eating for years. Are you Team Mayochup or should we call it something else? Let us know your thoughts!”

No seriously, let us know your thoughts below…

  • SOURCE: Heinz Twitter Feed
  • BRAND: Heinz
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Your arms are broken and you can’t stir the ketchup and mayonnaise on your own.

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