How to Create a Simple & Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing. It’s a buzzword thrown around a lot these days. Essentially, the idea behind all the buzz is brands can connect with people by publishing valuable information for them to consume. This marketing approach has always existed—from company-created informational brochures to employees sharing knowledge in the aisles of retail stores—but the Internet has made it easier than ever to share content with a massive amount of people.

Content Marketing:

the technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined audience.

In today’s post—the first in our content marketing series—we will give you the blueprint for developing a cohesive online content marketing strategy that will raise awareness of your business or organization and help you boost your search engine results.

Establishing Identity and Attracting Eyeballs

Let’s start at the beginning: What are the goals of content marketing? More specifically, what are the goals we’re going to focus on with the online content strategy we’re developing today?

Main Goals of Content Marketing:

1. Carve out a strong and consistent brand identity in the online space
2. Distribute content that draws people to your products or services

Content marketing will help you raise awareness about your organization and sell your products and services. But it will help you do those things in subtle and indirect ways. It’s a hand on the shoulder rather than a hammer over the head. That’s where the power of content marketing lies.

The content marketing blueprint we will provide today lays out a three-pronged strategy. It involves using the “big three” online content resources—your website, blog and social media pages. Now, all three of these content sources are going to be doing and saying the same things. But they’re going to be doing and saying them in different ways.

Understanding the ‘Big Three’ of Content Marketing

One way to think about the big three is in terms of tone and voice. Your website is your professional demeanor. It’s where you describe your business or organization in a straightforward manner. Your blog is business casual. It’s a little more laid back than your website; more a discussion of approaches, ideas and tips. Your social media pages are conversational. They’re more relaxed than your website or blog. It’s how you would talk to a friend over coffee.

Another way of looking at these three all-important aspects of your content marketing strategy is as different puzzle pieces that come together to create the face of your brand for your online audience.

The Face of Your Brand Online:

Website (Eyes) – The window to your soul. It shows people who you are and what you are all about.
Blog (Brain) – The thoughts, ideas and information behind your mission, products and services.
Social Media (Mouth) – The way you communicate your identity and knowledge. It’s the voice for your brain and soul.

In upcoming posts in our content marketing blog series, we’ll explore each of these three efforts and provide tips on creating engaging content for them. Then, in our final post, we’ll talk about how you can ensure these three content marketing efforts are all strongly tied together for maximum impact. Stay tuned.