How to Exude Social Awesomeness

Have you been trying to decide whether or not your business should invest in social media?

Well, the fact that you’re debating it is a step in the right direction. Of course, every good marketing decision is relative to its brand strategy. If you take a good look at your brand and social media doesn’t fit, then don’t do it. But don’t make the most common mistake made by businesses and base your future marketing decisions on old, outdated assumptions about your brand.

Your Potential for Social Awesomeness
No matter where you look as a business owner or marketing manager, you’ll see something about how social media has been a great investment for companies. The fact is, we’re swimming in a sea of choices of where to spend our marketing dollars. Social media is one vertical that has great potential; Facebook advertising, company blogging, YouTube viral media, Twitter news updates. You name your problem and there is likely a social outlet that exists to help solve it.

So how do you exude social awesomeness? Where do you start?
I would love to tell you that the answer is simple, but it isn’t. The solution is different for each company. I wasn’t kidding when I said look within. Start by understanding your needs and goals. I know that seems like common sense. How many business owners and professionals don’t know that about their own business? But sometimes the marketing initiatives that worked five years ago, may have changed significantly. Look at how much the online landscape has changed. Or look at mobile devices and how they took our world by storm.

Once you take a hard look at your own brand, its much easier to find the right social media vehicles to drive you down that Social Super Highway.