How to make LinkedIn work for you

Are you a business owner who wants to keep her pulse on industry trends? Or maybe you’re an HR representative who is responsible for hiring talented and qualified employees. You could even be a fledgling freelance photographer who needs to build a network of references for future use.

In a nutshell, Linked in is a great networking site for business professionals. It provides a place for individuals to connect and refer each other to colleagues and potential clients. It’s the equivalent of “I know a guy…” and we often hear the comparison of LinkedIn as the business version of Facebook. With 120 million members on LinkedIn worldwide and 2 million company pages, it’s no wonder why so many successful businesses use it in their social tool set. The nice thing is, LinkedIn has a place for every type of business professional.

The Business Owner and CEO

Business owners like to know what’s going on in their industry. That’s what make them successful and ultimately gives them the knowledge necessary to lead a company. If you are an executive, LinkedIn might just be what you’re looking for from Social Media. If you find yourself thinking, “Facebook isn’t my thing,” that’s okay. And don’t let that deter you from LinkedIn. It has a variety of benefits, including:

  • The ability to discover new international contacts and grow your business
  • Use LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Events to get introduced to and create leads for your business
  • Generate new business opportunities – more than two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies are using LinkedIn

Some tips for Business Owners:

  1. Created a group on LinkedIn so you can network with people in the same industry
  2. Use LinkedIn Events to organize professional networking events

The HR Representative and Recruiter

If you’re looking to hire from a pool of talented professionals, look no further. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to get people excited about your company and products. You’ll have the chance to connect with and recruit top talent.

Some tips for Recruiters:

  1. Set up a company page on LinkedIn where potential candidates can learn more about your business
  2. Engage and warm up to candidates, promoting open positions with targeted LinkedIn advertising campaigns
  3. Use LinkedIn Events to promote open houses

The Freelancer and Self Employed

It doesn’t matter if you’re a creative, consultant or self-employed contractor, LinkedIn is a great place to start. The ability to network virtually and look for others to compliment your services is among the tools at your disposal on LinkedIn.

Some tips for Freelancers:

  1. Build a professional profile and get referrals from past employers, co-workers and clients
  2. When on LinkedIn, participate by actively updating your “status” and letting others know what you are doing. It should always be work related and conversational. Try to focus on how you are engaged in your industry.
  3. Start a discussion or group
  4. Answer questions and respond to industry topics. Remember, the more people know you and how you think, the more likely they are to respond to you. This helps foster positive relationships, which can lead to an increase in leads or potential employment.

There’s no doubt, LinkedIn is a great resource for business professionals, big and small. The value it provides members is among the best in a professional social networking site. If you have questions on how you can use LinkedIn to drive business for you or your company, feel free to contact us at MONSTERS Unlimited.

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