Are You Answering the Call of HQ Trivia?

A new gaming app has caught fire and may soon grow into a full-fledged phenomenon. Developed by Intermedia Labs, HQ – Live Trivia Game Show (or just “HQ Trivia” for short), is a free iPhone app that gives you access to a live trivia game show that broadcasts daily. Here’s the kicker: You can win real money by playing.

The game itself is fairly simple. Users logged on at the time the show starts (every day at 9 pm & also weekdays at 3 pm), are given 12 multiple choice questions, and have only 10 seconds to answer each one. Get a question wrong or don’t answer in time and you’re knocked out of the game. The players left at the end get a share of the prize—which is typically around $1,000 (but can be higher).

This app comes from the same creative minds behind Vine, the six-second video sharing app that Twitter bought and then tragically shut down this year. It has been climbing the Apple App Store charts since its release in August, and will get another big boost when the Android version is released this Christmas.

The big question remains whether HQ trivia will burn brightly as the future of live video streaming and mobile gaming or fade into the embers of pop culture and be completely forgotten six months from now.

  • SOURCE: Time
  • AUTHOR: Lisa Eadicicco
  • BRAND: HQ Trivia
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Trivia, Trends & Apps

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