IKEA Robot Reminds Us a Little Goes A Long Way

In this commercial from IKEA about sustainability, a robot reminds us that we can all make a difference in our environment. In the spot, a robot passes a movie advertisement on his way home, which features two heroes and a tagline that reads “save the planet”. Taking on this mission very seriously, the little robot tries (and fails) to do his part to help clean up, just like our adorable friend Wall-E from the 2008 Pixar movie by the same name. Feeling defeated by his efforts, the robot goes home to find his family also doing their part for the Earth and comes to the realization that change comes when we work together. This ad is just one of many sustainability advertisements published by IKEA, who continues to make positive statements about our role in improving the environment.

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  • SOURCE: YouTube

AUTHOR: Calista Pepe
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