Jeep Teases New Wrangler Launch

The Jeep brand is using a new marketing approach when launching their highly anticipated redesign of the beloved Wrangler lineup. Jeep has been very hush hush about the new design and until recently, it had gone through great lengths to keep all aspects of the updates under wraps.

Now the veil is slowly being lifted and Jeep is strategically releasing teaser marketing to build excitement around the Wrangler reveal later this month. And while this type of secretive teaser marketing is unusual for the Jeep brand, we like it. The emails and website have just enough information to keep visitors wanting more. They’ve also strategically timed their updates to provide additional fuel to those interested in The Future of Freedom.

For those who are interested in learning more and getting the scoop before anyone else, Jeep has also provided a way to sign up for updates. The question is – are you ready for a new era of Jeep adventure?

  • SOURCE: Jeep Website
  • BRAND: Jeep
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: It’s a Jeep Thing

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