Jell-O Play Jiggles the Line Between Food and Toy

Jell-O has always been a tabletop curiosity. With its wiggly, transparent appearance and various molds (from cubes to rings), the shapeshifting dessert begs to be prodded and explored as much as eaten. Now Jell-O is capitalizing on the playful place the brand occupies on the food spectrum with the launch of Jell-O Play, a new toy line.

You may be wondering what you do with Jell-O toys? Well, a few different things: With Jell-O Play Build & Eat Kits, you make LEGO-like Jell-O blocks and build with them. With Jell-O Play Cutters, you can cut Jell-O into different shapes (for example, there’s a Jurassic World dino kit). But perhaps wildest of all is Jell-O Play with Edible Stickers, which allow kids to put stickers on snacks and eat them!

If this new way of playing sounds a little unusual, that’s the point. As Katy Marshall, Marketing and Sales Lead of Springboard (the new Kraft Heinz platform dedicated to disruptive food brands) states in the press release for Jell-O Play:

“JELL-O Play is a toy you can eat. There are no rules to what you can make when you let your creativity out of your head, onto your plate, and into your mouth.”

  • SOURCE: Kraft Heinz Press Room
  • BRANDS: Jell-O
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because simply eating food is played out

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