Jurassic Doritos Are Really Big

Brands latching on to movies is nothing new—so it’s not surprising to see Doritos leveraging the imminent success of Jurassic World with the world’s largest Dorito chip.

But what is a Jurassic Dorito? For one, they come shipped in their own Jurassic World themed crate. They also hatch out of an egg and are said to be big enough to satisfy your Doritos craving all in a single chip. Whoa! That’s a big Dorito.

As you may have guessed, Jurassic Doritos are not available in stores. In fact, you’d have to enter a special Twitter contest or bid in an online auction by June 20th for the chance to eat one of these bad boys. Of course, if you have the cheese to spend, one Jurassic Dorito is currently going for over $12,000 on eBay. Not in your budget? Then just hang out and watch the ad where a lucky scientist gets his hands on one.

  • SOURCE: SimpleMost
  • BRANDS: Doritos
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because your arteries need more nacho cheese flavored chips.

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