Kia Performs Live Stunt to Promote Their New Kia K5 Sedan

Brands everywhere have been taking live events to a new level and Kia Motors America is no exception. The automaker recently promoted a live stunt on Twitter that included three drivers who needed to get everything right in order to make the event successful. Their #GiveItEverything Triple Threat Stunt premiered July 28th and can be re-watched on Kia’s YouTube channel.
While the whole event lasted less than fifteen minutes, it’s a great example of how brands can use live events to spark interest in a new product. What do you think? Watch the event and let us know how you feel about it.
Also, check out the teaser videos below that Kia released on Twitter prior to the event. 
  • SOURCE: Twitter / YouTube
  • BRAND: Kia Motors America
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: 3 stunt drivers. 2 ramps. 1 shot to get it right.