Kristen Bell Does a Happy Dance

Happy Dance CBD Skincare sent Kristen Bell into a trippy mid-day pick me-up in its new ad. Beauty ads sell their products as events – THE key ingredient to a lavish lifestyle. Happy Dance disagrees and swapped that notion for a self-aware reflection celebrating the blissful thoughts of escape. The product, co developed by Bell and CBD brand Lord Jones, is a line of premium CBD goods focused on moms, especially the ones who need a little bit of self-care to conquer the chaos of a typical day. Think about it, a little bit of CBD and your kid asking for a pet tiger doesn’t sound all that bad.

  • SOURCE: Happy Dance CBD Skincare
  • BRAND: Happy Dance CBD Skincare
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: It’s more than just self-care. One percent of all profits are donated to A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project, a black-owned, LA-based organization that provides for women rebuilding their lives after prison.