L.L. Bean Abolishes Lifetime Warranty and Causes Backlash

L.L. Bean, the popular privately held American company specializing in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment has come under fire recently due to the abolishment of their well-known Lifetime Warranty.

The company announced the change from their 100-percent satisfaction guarantee warranty, replacing it with a one-year limit on most purchases. The update to their warranty immediately drew criticism and customer backlash, including a lawsuit from L.L. Bean customers unhappy with the policy change.

According to SNEWS, a 16-page lawsuit filed in Chicago federal court earlier this week, more than 100 customers allege that the warranty amendment came without forewarning and is “deceptive and unfair breaking of its promises.” Together, they are seeking at least $5 million in damages and asking that the decades-old practice be reinstated.

A change like this is almost impossible to implement without some criticism, but L.L. Bean is known for its warranty, which makes it even more difficult. The question we see coming from this is whether or not the removal of their customer-focused and “complete satisfaction” warranty will create a long lasting impact on L.L. Bean’s sales?

  • SOURCE: snews
  • BRAND: L.L. Bean
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: If you buy L.L. Bean products after February 9, 2018, you probably won’t love it.

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