Let Your Voice Be Heard by Joining the Clubhouse

This is the point where we give you the scoop on a rising star in the social media universe—namely Clubhouse. It’s being talked about everywhere, and for good reason. The social channel is reinventing the way people connect by focusing only on voice (i.e. audio). The app doesn’t allow for video, texting or chatting, other than by verbal means.

The most attractive thing about Clubhouse is the vision for medium. The founders, Paul and Rohan believe that voice is a way to connect people in a better way. In a blog post on their website they wrote, “With no camera on, you don’t have to worry about eye contact, what you’re wearing, or where you are. You can talk on Clubhouse while you’re folding laundry, breastfeeding, commuting, working on your couch in the basement, or going for a run. Instead of typing something and hitting Send, you’re engaged in a back-and-forth dialogue with others. The intonation, inflection and emotion conveyed through voice allow you to pick up on nuance and form uniquely human connections with others. You can still challenge each other and have tough conversations—but with voice there is often an ability to build more empathy.”

Currently the app is accessible via invitation only as they continue a slow, controlled rollout. The question we pose is this—if you’ve tried Clubhouse, what do you think? Is audio-only the future of social media?

  • SOURCE: Clubhouse
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