McDonald’s Slings New Names for Menu Items

Us Americans love our Mickey D’s. So do Australians. This past Australia Day, McDonald’s returned the love to the land down under.

Australia shares a lot of similarities with the United States. Like us, the English colonized the land and, in doing so, the land adopted England’s culture and language. However, Australia’s English has quite the accent. It’s so popular everyone in the English-speaking world has tried his or her hand at it (admit it, you’ve tried it)… with limited success. Not only do Australians have an accent, they also have a peculiar slang.

So, when it came time to commemorate Australia Day 2019, McDonalds celebrated the country’s iconic slang by changing the spelling of menu items to match the country’s one-of-a-kind tongue. Macca’s (as McDonald’s is called in the Outback) unveiled posters that paid tribute to the Aussie take on the fast food menu. Examples included Bakeneg Mugmufn, Lar Tay, Filadafsh, Cheez Burga, Mick Nuggits, and Kworda Pownda. 

McDonald’s Australia Day celebration was an out-of-home campaign that showcased the irreplaceable ways Aussie’s pronounce Macca’s products. DDB Sydney orchestrated the campaign. Well done, mate!

  • SOURCE: Ad News Australia
  • BRAND: McDonald’s (AKA Macca’s)
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Ditch the shrimp on the barbie and have a cheez burga to top off your g’day!

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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